Sunday, February 26, 2006

Winter Screening!

So we've thrown together a rough cut of the film for RIT's winter screenings, and I thought I'd toss it up online for all of you who didn't see it the other day, or wanted to leave some feedback about what you see. Jed and I have received some great comments, and have a lot of things we'll be massaging into place before our final screening in the spring. So if you think it was worth your time to watch, or have some suggestions of your own, go ahead and let us know!

Way of the Mantis (winter rough cut)
(video requires most recent version of Quicktime 7)


At 9:02 AM, Blogger Davipalooza said...

i noticed watching it again today that wong has the same reaction to the master entering the courtyard.....really jumpy. Undestandable for the first entrance because he was in the middle of making an ass out of himself. But when he catches the fly (if you are going to make that the last shot of the montage) he is calm and aware, not lost in a rage. So he doesn't need to be all jumpity like he was doing something (hehe) wong. I mean am i wight or am i wight?


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